Engineering student at ULB, Brussels


Lucas Placentino

Hello! My name is Lucas and I am an engineering student, technology enthusiast and a fan of innovation. My interests span a wide variety of fields, from AI and electronics to music and design


I am currently enrolled in an engineering Bachelor's degree at the École Polytechnique de Bruxelles — ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) in Brussels. My courses consist of: Applied Sciences (Physics, Chemistry), Mathematics, Mechanics, Electricity, Electronics, Programming, Statistics, Technical English, Project Management and Leadership. (See courses list here)


I am passionate about everything related to technology.
My interests are: Electronics, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Prototyping, Programming, Design, Gaming.
I am also a beginner guitarist and film photographer.
Lastly, I absolutely love travelling.

  1. SEQUOTRON: modular synth sequencer — Bachelor's in Engineering at ULB
    Built a Digital Step Sequencer (and Control Voltage generator) for (semi-)Modular Synthetizers, based on a Raspberry Pi. Github
  2. Quanta: Open-Hardware mechanical keyboard — Hobby, as 0bsilab
    Building a fully open-hardware mechanical 75% hotswap keyboard with rotary encoder and vertical USB A port for fingerprint and FIDO2 dongles. Designed on KiCad and made by PCB manufacturers. Uses open-source firmware written in Rust (RMK Firmware). Github
  3. RMK: Open-Source keyboard firmware — Hobby, as 0bsilab
    Building an open-source keyboard firmware entirely written in Rust, to run on different microcontrollers, such as RP2040 boards like the RaspberryPi Pico. Built for the Quanta keyboard. Github

Work experience

  1. IT Administrator at Bureau Étudiant de Polytechnique — Student Bureau of Polytechnic (Engineering Faculty ULB) — 2022-Present
    Led server migrations & restructuring, mailing-lists administration, website maintenance and ongoing electronics projects. Attended, participated and voted at the general assemblies of the board of administration. LinkedIn
  2. Observation trainee at AW Europe (now AISIN Europe)  — Engineering: Test Benches and Sound & Vibrations Control — Feb-Mar 2019
    Explored the different engineering departments at the Braine-l’Alleud & Baudour locations, from automatic transmissions long-term durability testing on fixed test-benches, to sound, vibrations and overall comfort monitoring in cars on a test-track. LinkedIn

Email me at [email protected]